Jerry Bergonzi

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Albums by Jerry Bergonzi:

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Extra Extra   Savant SCD 2212

Nearly Blue   Savant SCD 2180

The Seven Rays   Savant SCD 2170

Dog Star   Savant SCD 2163

Spotlight on Standards   Savant SCD 2158

Rigamaroll   Savant SCD 2149

Intersecting Lines   Savant SCD 2137

By Any Other Name   Savant SCD 2131

Shifting Gears   Savant SCD 2123

Convergence   Savant SCD 2110

Three for All   Savant CD 2105

Simply Put   Savant CD 2099

Tenor Talk   Savant CD 2093

Tenorist   Savant CD 2085

Tenor Of the Times   Savant CD 2074

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