Jerry Bergonzi


Savant SCD 2158
Jerry Bergonzi
Spotlight on Standards

There's an old saying that a great jazz musician never plays a song the same way once. That could certainly be said of Jerry Bergonzi. He is an intellectual artist of uncompromising integrity and a bold, original composer. On Jerry's new Savant recording he returns to the organ-tenor trio format after a long hiatus from it. From the opening track, Cy Coleman's "Witchcraft" with its hypnotic organ vamp and "bewitching" chord substitutions Jerry gives to the first 8 bars, you know this isn't going to be your parents' organ-tenor gig. Bergonzi and his discmates, Renato Chicco on organ and Andrea Michelutti on drums, take these standards down new harmonic paths and use them as a launching pad for fertile and impressive improvisation. The playing is always intense and distinctive, fresh and spontaneous.

JERRY BERGONZI, tenor saxophone • Renato Chicco, B-3 organ • Andrea Michelutti, drums

Witchcraft • Bi-Solar • Blue Cube • First Lady • Gabriella • Dancing in the Dark • Out of Nowhere • Come Rain or Come Shine • Stella by Starlight


 First Lady

 Out of Nowhere

 Stella by Starlight

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