Jerry Bergonzi

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Savant SCD 2085
Jerry Bergonzi

" His bold penetrating tone and furiously paced streams of notes make for a commanding voice indeed. His passionate improvisations are marked by a consistency of strength in every register and a penchant for harmonic development." - Bill Milkowski

Among his peers, Jerry Bergonzi is one of jazz' most respected musicians. No matter how difficult the piece or quick the tempo, Bergonzi can tear through it. But he also uses rests and multinote passages effectively, and sometimes plays simple, pretty phrases. On this, his second outing on Savant, Bergonzi's efforts impress and sometimes amaze, as his abilities are overwhelming. With a guitar instead of the usual piano, Bergonzi's sound and fertile imagination are well to the fore. Michael Brecker was asked how he felt to be the king of the tenor players, and he said: "I don't know. You'll have to ask Jerry Bergonzi."

With Jerry Bergonzi- tenor saxophone; John Abercrombie- guitar; Dave Santoro,-bass; Adam Nussbaum- drums.

Tracks: Gecko Plex; Pannonica; Simultaneous Looks; Table Steaks; La Mesha; Czarology; With Reference.

Gecko Plex


Simultaneous Looks

Table Steaks

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