Savant Records

JD Allen

Richard Baratta

Kenny Barron

Bruce Barth

Jerry Bergonzi

Pat Bianchi

Arthur Blythe

Alan Broadbent Trio

Cecil Brooks III

Richard Carr

Joe Chambers

Cyrus Chestnut

Santi Debriano

'Papa' John DeFrancesco

Bob Devos

Denise Donatelli

Charles Earland

Wayne Escoffery

Sammy Figueroa

Caesar Frazier

George Freeman

Curtis Fuller

Carlos Garnett

Giacomo Gates

Everette Greene

Della Griffin

Danny Grissett

Winard Harper

Lafayette Harris Jr.

Bill Heid

Conrad Herwig

Monika Herzig

Stan Hope

John Hicks Legacy Band

Rodney Jones

Mike LeDonne

Carolyn Leonhart

Pamela Luss

Ray Mantilla

Silvano Monasterios

Barbara Morrison

Glaucia Nasser

Bill O'Connell

Piero Odorici

Jim Payne

Houston Person

Peter Hand Big Band

Lonnie Plaxico

Quartette Indigo

Eric Reed

Irene Reid

Mel Rhyne

The Rodriguez Brothers

Harvie S

Radam Schwartz

Norman Simmons

Jim Snidero

Melvin Sparks

Tricia Tahara

Fernando Tarres

Eddie Vinson

Jack Walrath

Peter Martin Weiss

Bruce Williams

Reuben Wilson

Richard Wyands

Savant Records has become much more than just "the other" little sister jazz label to HighNote Records. According to Webster, a savant is "a man of learning; esp: a person with detailed knowledge in some specialized field." Savant Records is, by definition then, a jazz label for those "in the know." It is dedicated to presenting jazz that will impress as fresh and inventive, and perhaps change a few preconceived notions.

Savant can't be pigeon-holed into one area or identity. It echoes the HighNote straight-ahead ethos with a dash of spice. In keeping with the "stay-ahead-of-the-curve" philosophy, Savant has attracted eclectic pianists, virtuoso horn players, bassists, string quartets, etc. Its palette covers the panoply of jazz, in all its colors. We are heavy into funk, organ jazz and Latin. The roster goes from classicists Curtis Fuller & Louis Hayes to horn virtuosos Arthur Blythe & Jerry Bergonzi to funk masters Melvin Sparks & Reuben Wilson to B-3 burners Papa John DeFrancesco and Mike LeDonne just to name a few artists and their specialty.

Savant artists are constantly being reviewed and receiving press in major publications world-wide. The releases garner top airplay on the only national weekly jazz radio top 50 listing, JazzWeek. It is joined at the hip with its companion label, HighNote. Savant, cut from the same cloth, shares the high-profile positive vibe that HighNote emits in its choice of the very best artists to record.

Savant presents communicative jazz that is modern, yet non-alienating – traditional, yet not anachronistic. We are content to record artists who have something to say, provided it is a message worth hearing. Our only criterion is excellence.

Download the Savant catalog here. This catalog is in PDF format. Don't have the Adobe Acrobat reader? Download it here.