Houston Person

Albums by Houston Person:

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Reminiscing at Rudy’s   HighNote HCD 7343

Live in Paris   HighNote HCD 7338

I'm Just a Lucky So and So   HighNote HCD 7327

Remember Love   HighNote HCD 7315

Rain or Shine   HighNote HCD 7309

Chemistry   HighNote HCD 7293

Something Personal   HighNote HCD 7282

The Melody Lingers On   HighNote HCD 7269

Nice ‘n’ Easy   HighNote HCD 7257

Naturally   HighNote HCD 7245

So Nice   HighNote HCD 7229

Moment to Moment   HighNote HCD 7217

Mellow   HighNote CD 7206

The Art & Soul of Houston Person

Just Between Friends   HighNote CD 7188

Thinking Of You   HighNote CD 7177

Don't Misunderstand   HighNote CD 7173

You Taught My Heart To Sing - with Bill Charlap   HighNote CD 7134

All Soul   HighNote CD 7146

To Etta With Love   HighNote CD 7127

Social Call   HighNote CD 7115

Sentimental Journey (with Ron Carter)   HighNote CD 7101

Blue Velvet   HighNote CD 7090

Dialogues (with Ron Carter)   HighNote CD 7072

In A Sentimental Mood   HighNote CD 7060

Together At Christmas (with Etta Jones)   HighNote CD 7058

Soft Lights   HighNote CD 7049

My Romance   HighNote CD 7033

Person-ified   HighNote CD 7004

The Groovemasters: The Opening Round   Savant CD 2005

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