Houston Person

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HighNote HCD 7090
Houston Person
Blue Velvet

Without question, Houston Person is today's senior statesman of the tenor saxophone. Ray Brown said of Houston, "he's one of the few left with any real grease". Indeed, Houston plays with an honesty and sincerity of expression that cannot be taught and is a rare commodity on the jazz scene today. Houston is not one of those artists who leaves the melodic path to travel into the forest of improvisation without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs behind him. Rather, he chooses not to second-guess the composer, using the melody as a direct means of communication with the listener. "Blue Velvet" is a major addition to the discography of a jazz artist who represents the true heritage of the music.

W/ Richard Wyands - piano; Ray Drummond - bass; Grady Tate - drums

Tracks: Everything I Have Is Yours; Wonder Why; Blame It On My Youth; Too Late Now; There's No You; Be My Love; I Want to Talk About You; I Hadn't Anyone Till You; Blue Velvet.

 Blame It On My Youth

 Too Late Now

 Be My Love

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