Jerry Bergonzi

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Savant SCD 2110
Jerry Bergonzi

If you like your jazz full of ostentatious show and torrents of notes full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, be warned that you encounter nothing but sheer musicality when it comes to the Boston saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi. But Bergonzi's no-nonsense approach to music cannot mask the fact that he is one of the most remarkable jazz saxophonists on the planet.  His tenor sound has developed a rather crackling quality now, and between the twisting, dry-toned runs he can sometimes hammer home a dramatic punctuation of snorting Coltrane-like split-notes. He's a supreme spontaneous melodist, however. The sound effects of the avant-garde are merely markers on compellingly logical yet constantly diverted journeys.  Bergonzi is backed by his usual colleagues, Dave Santoro (bass) and Andrea Michelutti (drums) and this time out he is joined by pianist Bruce Barth.  Featuring a program of Bergonzi's quirky compositions and a track by Jerry's favorite songwriters, the Gershwins, the musicians work together with a uniformity of intent and vision that perfectly personifies the release's title, "Convergence."

With: Jerry Bergonzi - tenor & soprano saxophones; Dave Santoro - bass; Andrea Michelutti - drums; Bruce Barth - piano

Tracks: Lend Me a Dream; I've Got a Crush On You; Squid Ink; Stoffy; Silent Flying; Osiris; Mr. Higgins; Ddodd; Convergence; Seventh Ray

 I've Got a Crush on You

 Squid Ink



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