Jerry Bergonzi


Savant SCD 2149
Jerry Bergonzi

"When I go into the studio with these guys, it's not like I feel pressure. It's like, 'oh boy, let's go have some fun,'" says saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi, recalling how his previous Savant recordings came together. In short, the acclaimed veteran didn't want the fun to end. So now here we have another terrific recording to complement the reedman's impressive Savant discography and another chance to delight in the exceptionally responsive company he keeps. Revelling in the company of long-time partners bassist Dave Santoro and drummer Andrea Michelutti, Jerry also brings Pasadena-born pianist Bruce Barth into the studio. Jerry doesn't often record with a pianist — when one cuts their musical teeth with a pianist like Dave Brubeck the titan's shadow must loom large over the keyboard – but he and Bruce have become muy simpatico over the years and their interplay here is remarkable indeed. With Jerry's imaginative compositions and his intense approach to music-making, this is jazz that cuts you no quarter. The whole session swings, communicates and challenges as only Jerry Bergonzi can.

JERRY BERGONZI, tenor saxophone
Featuring: Phil Grenadier, trumpet • Bruce Barth, piano • Dave Santoro, bass • Andrea Michelutti, drums

Awake • An Internal Affair • Rise Up • A Hankering • Tidlig • Rigamaroll • Do It to Do It • Lunar Aspects

 A Hankering


 Do It to Do It

 Lunar Aspects

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