Jerry Bergonzi

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Savant SCD 2105
Jerry Bergonzi
Three for All

DOWNBEAT said of Jerry Bergonzi, "his bold, penetrating tone and furiously paced streams of notes make for a commanding voice indeed." Muscular, bustling and driven his playing may sound, but there is a profound musical mind behind it, especially evident when appearing with his regular bandmates bassist Dave Santoro and drummer Andrea Michelutti, as he does here. Not only a master of his instrument, Bergonzi is a writer of quirky originals that display real creativity and imagination. On THREE FOR ALL, Jerry strolls over to play the piano on a couple of tracks for the first time on Savant, but the sax / bass / drums format remains Jerry's preferred means of expression. No doubt because it affords him the melodic freedom to explore all the possibilities suggested to him by what is clearly one of the most fertile imaginations in the business.

With: tenor & soprano saxophones, piano; Dave Santoro, bass; Andrea Michelutti, drums

Tracks: Crop Circles; Obama; End of the Mayan Calendar; Between the Lines; Demolian Mode; Bluebonics; Horus; Tectonic Plates; Fidh

 Crop Circles

 Between the Lines


 Tectonic Plates

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