Woody Shaw

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HighNote CD 7102
Woody Shaw
Live Vol. 3

Back for Volume 3? An amalgam of goodies to continue the HighNote series of live Woody Shaw recordings, this one recorded live at the famed Keystone Korner in San Francisco. In attendance here is the great trombonist, Steve Turre. Turre played on and off with Woody since 1972 and their brass interplay is distinctive and gives a profoundly different feeling than the Shaw / Carter Jefferson recordings on Volume 1 and Volume 2. HighNote is extremely proud to have been able to bring to light this three volume collection that helps to fill the noticeable void in Woody Shaw's discography. As carefully as his studio records from that era were constructed, those who were fortunate enough to see him perform know that they didn't show the passion and spontaneous creativity that Woody brought to the stage. These CDs are essential to a proper evaluation of a great talent at the height of his powers.

w/ Mulgrew Miller/Larry Willis, piano; Steve Turre, trombone; Stafford James, bass; Victor Lewis, drums

Tracks: Ginseng People; Teotiuacan; Organ Grinder; Little Red's Fantasy; Seventh Avenue.

 Ginseng People

 Organ Grinder

 Little Red's Fantasy

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