Winard Harper

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Savant CD 2013
Winard Harper
Trap Dancer

Winard Harper is back - one half of the burning Harper Brothers who set the jazz world on fire a few years ago. This is Winard's working band - a tight-knit group, with a great ensemble sound. Featuring George Cables (and featuring his oft-recorded "Helen's Song"), Eric Revis & others. Compositions by Nat Adderley, Jimmy Heath and a few originals.

Winard Harper- drums/slit drum/jimbe drum; Patrick Rickman- trumpet/percussion; J.D. Allen- tenor saxophone/percussion; George Cables- piano; Eric Revis- bass; Cecil Brooks II- drums/percussion

Tracks: The Tap Dancer; Sound For Sore Ears; Amorcita; You Don't Know What Love Is; Social Call; Work Song; Helen's Song; Qamara; How Deep is the Ocean; Skylark; Blues for Brown; Key West; Shorty Long; Allahu Akbar.


 You Don't Know What Love Is

 Social Call

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