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Composer Collection Vol 1-Funky Pieces Of Silver   HighNote CD 7176

Jazz After Midnight   HighNote SACD 6018

Funky Organ B-3 Jazz Grooves   HighNote SACD 6017

Jazz For the Wee Small Hours   HighNote SACD 6016

Jazz In An R&B Groove   HighNote SACD 6015

Kinda Jazzy Kinda Funky Volume 2   HighNote SACD 6014

Jazz That's Soulfully Blue   HighNote SACD 6013

Jazz In An R&B Groove   HighNote SACD 6012

Kinda Jazzy Kinda Funky   HighNote SACD 6011

Jazz Ballads With a Blue Feeling   HighNote CD 6010

Jazz With Gentle Rhythms   HighNote CD 6009

Jazz Piano After Hours   HighNote CD 6008

Jazz For Singers & Dreamers   HighNote CD 6007

Jazz For the Two Of You   HighNote CD 6006

Jazz For a Lonely Heart   HighNote CD 6005

That Lonely Feeling Called the Blues   HighNote CD 6004

Jazz For a Summer Night   HighNote CD 6003

Jazz That Cooks   HighNote CD 6002

Jazz That's Easy   HighNote CD 6001

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