HighNote HCD 7232
Eric Alexander and Vincent Herring
Friendly Fire

One of the hipper venues in New York City, Smoke is a quintessential jazz club and cocktail lounge where the jazz cognoscenti congregate seven nights a week to immerse themselves in a potent mix of hard bop and martinis. It was the venue for alto saxophonist Vincent Herring's and tenor man Eric Alexander's first sparring match and it was the only logical place for a re-match which we have here. Reuniting for their second recording together, Eric and Vincent Herring lock horns once more in a high-voltage set which unfolds in the spirit of mutual admiration. While their collaborative ethos makes "Friendly Fire" the thoroughly musical affair that it is, the saxophonists bring the unmistakable charge of friendly rivalry to the date as well. A great tune list and the presence of an enthusiastic audience make this a worthy addition to the two saxmen's considerable discographies.

ERIC ALEXANDER, tenor saxophone
VINCENT HERRING, alto saxophone
Mike LeDonne, piano • John Webber, bass • Carl Allen, drums

Pat 'n' Chat • sukiyaki • Inception • Dig Dis • You've Changed • Here's That Rainy Day • Mona Lisa • Timothy

 Pat 'n' Chat


 You've Changed

 Mona Lisa

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