U.P. Wilson

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Fedora CD 5014
U.P. Wilson
On My Way

Ask Stevie Ray Vaughan, Cornell Dupree, Zuzu Bollin, Frankie Lee Sims, Lowell Fulson and just about any other Bluesman to put together their short list of MONSTER guitarists and you will invariably see the name U.P. Wilson. Wilson teetered on the brink of a major career on a number of occasions but chose to be near his growing children and remain at home. Wilson's aggressively powerful axework is well to the fore on this great 1988 session, with him dominating the ensemble not only with his guitar playing, but also with his vocal prowess. Also included as a special bonus are two tracks from a recently discovered recording of U.P. Wilson caught live at one of the legendary "Rent Parties" which are part and parcel of blues/jazz history. U.P. Wilson was nicknamed the 'Texas Guitar Tornado' for, like a Tornado, he is an unforgettable force.

U.P. Wilson- vocals/guitar; Bill Eden- saxophone; Wilford Sims & 'Worm'- saxophones; Steve 'Hook' Herrera- harmonica; Paul Orta- harmonica; Matt McCabe- keyboards; Mike Kindred- keyboards; Eddie James Stout- bass; Freddie Walden- drums

Tracks: U.P. Express; Cross Cut Saw; Reconsider Baby; Bluebird Boog-A-Loo; Hold On Baby; Mean Old World; Como Station; I'll Be Coming Home; 7 Comes 11; On My Way; Cold, Cold Feeling; Slice 'N' Dice.

 U.P. Express

 Reconsider Baby

 Bluebird Boog-A-Loo

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