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Fedora FCD 5024
Tommy Bankhead
Please Accept My Love

PLEASE ACCEPT MY LOVE is St. Louis bluesman Tommy Bankhead's last will and testament to the blues. A veteran of the Mississippi Delta blues world, Tommy was no stranger to the ups and downs of a life in music. But this release is definitely an upper! Recorded with a fine session band in a St. Louis studio, Tommy elevates the blues to an almost spiritual plateau. Through good-humored introspection Tommy's last session, his swan song if you will, reflects the triumph of human expression.

Tommy Bankhead- Guitar/vocals; Franck Goldwasser- guitar; Bob Lohr- piano; Frank Dunbar- bass; Keith Robinson- drums.

Tracks: I'm Not Your Alley Cat; Worried Life Blues; Please Accept My Love; If You Call That Gone; Everything Gonna Be Alright; Santa's Blue Lover Blues; Me & My Oxygen Tank; Are You Ready?; Stoop Down; Come To Me; Tommy's Story.

 I'm Not Your Alley Cat

 Santa's Blue Lover Blues

 Me & My Oxygen Tank

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