Santi Debriano

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Savant CD 2037
Santi Debriano
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Born in Panama, raised in New York and residing for a period in Paris, the unique and highly original sound of Santi Debriano is hardly cryptogenic. Santi has successfully blended the emotional, rhythmic character of his Latin American birth with the jazz sound of New York and tied it together with a logic and cosmopolitanism that may be considered somewhat French. Terms such as "world music", "latin jazz" and others come to mind, but the truth of the matter is that the music of Santi Debriano defies categorization. Joining Santi for this recording is the Israeli-born violinist Miri Ben-Ari, the tenor saxophonist Abraham Burton, the Brazilian pianist Helio Alves and latin percussionist Willie Martinez playing all sorts of exotic instruments. Santi even takes a turn at the steel drums! This is Santi's most imaginative and viscerally exciting record to date.

Miri Ben-Ari - violin; Abraham Burton - tenor saxophone; Helio Alves - piano; Will Calhoun - drums; Willie Martinez - percussion

Tracks: Holiday - Tenor Pan Woogie - Liberty Road - Little Spirit Be Free - Trance Dance - Brava - Little Church - Harmonious - Leaving

Liberty Road

Trance Dance

Little Church

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