Robert 'Bilbo' Walker

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Fedora CD 5005
Robert 'Bilbo' Walker
Rompin' & Stompin'

Like any force of nature, Robert "Bilbo" Walker is difficult to describe. His wide-ranging influences include Muddy Waters, Ike Turner, Sam Cooke and Chuck Berry. One might say that Bilbo is a reversal of previous blues trends in that he brings the music of the city back to the Delta with his flamboyant stage act and exciting brand of raw blues. Bilbo covers a number of tunes by his idols Howlin' Wolf ("Shake For Me", "Moanin' At Midnight"), Muddy Waters ("Still a Fool") and Junior Parker ("Mystery Train") in a rompin', stompin' record of the blues, the whole blues and nothing but the blues. So put the disc in the player and do whatever you have to do to enjoy yourself - because enjoyment is what Bilbo's music is all about.

Robert "Bilbo" Walker- vocals/guitar; Clarence Walker- guitar; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Baby How Long; Take Yo' Hand Off A Me; Mustang Sally; Cut You A Loose; Something On Your Mind; Mel's Hideaway; Shake For Me; Moanin' At Midnight; Still A Fool; Mystery Train.

 Baby How Long

 Cut You a Loose

 Mel's Hideaway

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