Russell Gunn

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HighNote HCD 7087
Russell Gunn
Blue On The D.L.

Just when you think you've got Russell Gunn figured out, he moves on to the next town, much like the fabled Wild West gunslingers alluded to in his 1994 debut title, Young Gunn. On the cutting edge of the latest developments in music, including Hip-Hop-jazz-fusion, Russell has not lost sight of the fact that he is the latest in the line of trumpet masters that stretch back into what seems to be the impossibly distant past. Backed by the best young players on the scene today - J.D. Allen, Mark Whitfield, Eric Revis, et al - Russell delivers this blues-based jazz repertory with a fierceness of attack, an urgency of message and a probing harmonic curiosity. It is refreshing to find jazz of such aggressive tension and darkness amid today's 'smooth' and 'techno' trends.

Russell Gunn- trumpet; J.D. Allen- saxophone; Orrin Evans- piano; Mark Whitfield- guitar; Eric Revis- bass; Montez Coleman- drums

Tracks: Sir John; Minor Mood; Cheryl; Blues on the D.L.; Brian's Bounce; Kelly Blue; J.D.'s Revenge; No Blues; When It Comes

 Sir John


 Brian's Bounce

 Kelly Blue

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