'Papa' John DeFrancesco

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Savant CD 2046
'Papa' John DeFrancesco

By now most organ aficionados know very well where B-3 burner Joey DeFrancesco got his undeniably soulful quality from. It's strictly in the genes and flowing through the bloodlines of the DeFrancesco family. The deep blue statements inherent in his playing come directly from Papa John, the proud patriarch of the DeFrancesco family. "We were just going for some grooves and having a fun time with it," says the elder DeFrancesco about his fifth cd (including HighNote's Hip Cake Walk HCD 7071 and also a co-led session with Joey, All In The Family HCD 7021). That loose, good-spirited attitude permeates all eights tracks on this recipe for soul jazz cooked up by Papa John and his crew, which includes oldest son Johnny on guitar.

with Jacques Johnson, Johnny DeFrancesco, Glenn Ferracone, Marlon Simon

Tracks: Jumpin', 24/7, GF's Attitude, Latin Groove Duce, J.E. for You, You Are So Beautiful, Minor Chant, China.


 Latin Groove Deuce

 Minor Chant

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