Pig In a Can

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Fedora CD 8002
Pig In a Can
You Can't Poison a Pig

This is the sound track to the future of the nu-blues. It will take you on a fantastic booty-shaking voyage you will never forget. Delve into the unusual world of blues legend Harmonica Slim realized through the Phat Beats and Avant-Pop stylings of John A. Wilson and friends. Call it nu-blooze, techno-blues, avant-pop or whatever you want - there is one thing we know for sure - you just can't poison a pig.

Harmonica Slim- harmonica & vocals; John Wilson- basses, guitars, keyboards, turntables, sine waves, fife, electric spring piano, other home-made boxes & electronic devices; Chris Millar- drums; Dadu- backing vocals; Butch- drums, percussion, squeaky toys, duck & bird calls; Daniel J. Nelson- B3 organ; Michael Kott- prepared electric cello; Kelly J. Jones- backing vocals; Gary Tharp- additional vocals; Jonathan C. Sagar- additional sound design with kyma.

Tracks: Can't Poison a Pig; Tried To Get Along; Don't Leave Me Baby; Ghost Of John Henry; It's Coming; Hole In Her Belly; K.C. Douglas Blues; The Hog Butcher; Fresh Feelin's; Record Players; $1000 Toasts; Slim's Roadside Luau; Slim's B3 Blues; Big Legged Woman; Butch Eats Pig In A Can For the First Time (Fife and Drum Mix)

Can't Poison a Pig

Tried To Get Along

Don't Leave Me Baby

Ghost Of John Henry

It's Coming

Hole In Her Belly

K.C. Douglas Blues

The Hog Butcher

Fresh Feelin's

Record Players

$1000 Toasts

Slim's Roadside Luau

Slim's B3 Blues

Big Legged Woman

Butch Eats Pig In A Can For the First Time

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