Pat Martino


HighNote HCD 7258
Gene Ludwig-
Pat Martino Trio

Young Guns

From Pat Martino's private collection, here is a mid-1960s live gig featuring the B-3 artistry of Gene Ludwig and drummer Randy Gelispie. Rarely, if ever, have these artists played with more inner fire, more unbridled virtuosity and pure unadulterated joy as they did here, captured in the full bloom of their musical youth. Pat Marino's burning swing and improvisational wizardry takes on added zip with Gene Ludwig manning the B-3. Martino's unrivaled technique could sometimes overshadow his band mates but not so here. Ludwig matches him every step of the way and delivers the performance of a lifetime — a performance which would have been completely lost had there not been a tape recorder going on that fateful night. With the colorful, propulsive drummer Randy Gelispie driving things along, this is one gig which surely deserves a "legendary" epithet.

GENE LUDWIG: Hammond B-3 • PAT MARTINO: guitar • Randy Gelispie: drums

TRACKS: Who Can I Turn To? • Mr. PC • Sam Sack • Watch What Happens • Close Your Eyes • Road Song • Colossus

 Who Can I Turn To?

 Mr. PC

 Sam Sack


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