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Savant CD 2057
Melvin Sparks
It Is What It Is

Melvin Sparks is back! And he's geared up on this new CD to show us all what he does better than anyone else...Groove hard and in the pocket! While sharing the stage with funky masters such as Curtis Mayfield and James Brown, Melvin blended his Texas blues influences and formal jazz education with the Funk and Soul styling of Motown melodies. The end result was the roots of Acid Jazz. Most recently, he is attributed with revitalizing the Soul Jazz music scene by inspiring countless new projects including Greyboy Allstars, Soulive and Galactic (to name a few). This living legend is more prominent than ever as this new CD reflects his sensational talent for innovation and heart pounding boogaloostylings. With many new originals and some reinterpreted bouncing versions of others by Sly Stone, George Benson and Average White Band, this new disc is a masterful work by Melvin Sparks and is sure to find its rightful place in your collection of all-time favorite funk records.

Featuring Joe Herbek / Cochemea Gastalim - saxophones Jeremy Baum / Adam Scone - organ; Eric Kalb - drums

Tracks: It Is What It Is; Thank You Charlie Brown; A Love Jam; Clinton Park; Guitar Playah; Got the Blues? Pick Up the Pieces; Give Me the Night.

 It Is What It Is

 Charlie Brown

 Clinton Park

 Give Me the Night

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