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Savant CD 2067
Mike LeDonne
Night Song

Listening to Mike LeDonne's latest Savant recording is very rewarding, indeed. It's easy to infer that a deep and swinging experience was had by all and that LeDonne plays one hell of a piano. It also furnishes irrefutable proof that a musician doesn't need to fall into the display of avant garde screams and hollers to be progressive and forward-thinking for, as LeDonne and company prove, it is possible to advance the music while still working within the tradition. LeDonne has chosen his company well too, which only adds to the splendid payoff. Jazz legend, bassist Ron Carter has the Midas touch, making every recording something to treasure. With Joe Farnsworth on hand, adding a wide spectrum of percussion color, "Night Song" may just end up being the piano trio record of the year.

Mike LeDonne - piano; Ron Carter- bass; Joe Farnsworth- drums.

Tracks: Night Song; JB; After the Rain ; I Should Care ; Don't You Worry ‘Bout a Thing; In a Sentimental Mood; Toys; Continuum; Alone Together.

 Night Song


 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing

 Alone Together

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