JD Allen

Savant SCD 2209
JD Allen

Electronic music was once thought of as subversively avant-garde. But jazz soon took the modernism of electronics down a less self-destructive and more communicative road. Saxophonist and composer JD Allen explores the possibilities of electronics+jazz with new works that exhibit a wide musical spectrum. Here you may find modal, blues-infused melodies juxtaposed against startling and provocative electronic effects. There can be a slim line between being a traditionalist troglodyte and being a radical visionary. On his latest recording, JD Allen has demonstrated that there is a musically satisfying and emotionally fulfilling middle ground.

JD ALLEN, tenor saxophone
Gwilym Jones, drums Alex Bonney, electronics

This The Revelator Know Dogs Allowed Boom-Bap Beeyondsay Mx. Fairweather The Knight of Swords See it, Say it, Sorted

 The Revelator



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