JD Allen

Savant SCD 2139
JD Allen

Every new recording by tenor saxophonist JD Allen serves to solidify his reputation as one of the finest, most adventurous young musicians playing today.  With a gently swinging, very personal vibrato he weaves his way into territory that he has charted for himself. His unique sound on the tenor combines the elemental sadness of the blues, the solemnity of gospel and ultimately the elemental joy in the creative process. Allen plays in phrases that are somewhat short, but always interconnected. With pianist Orrin Evans, JD takes us on a intensely personal journey through an ever-changing landscape of jazz as he sees it with playing that earned Allen a blaze of critical attention signaling his ascension to the upper ranks of the contemporary jazz world.

JD ALLEN, tenor saxophone
Orrin Evans, piano • Alexander Claffy, bass • Jonathan Barber, drums

Jack's Glass • BLOOM • The secret lives of Guest workers • The Dreamer • A throng of millions can be one • If You Could See Me Now • Stardust • The Rule of Thirds • Pater Noster • Car - Car (The Blues)


 If You Could See Me Now


 Car - Car (The Blues)

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