Jack Walrath

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Savant CD 2038
Jack Walrath
The Masters Of Suspense- Invasion Of the Booty Shakers

What can one say about Jack Walrath and his music? Like the music of Frank Zappa, Walrath's statements are all-encompassing. Jack knows, perhaps better than any jazzerspieler on the scene today that even in the most serious, profound musical utterance there always hides a touch of the ridiculous - and that is amply conveyed on his SAVANT debut. Lending a helping hand in bringing Walrath's controlled chaos into being is guitarist Bill Bickford who for 10 years supplied the screaming, metallic guitar solos for the band Defunkt. Singer Miles Griffith alternately shouts, scats and squeals through the vocals and hear such rare instruments as the serpent - a leather-covered, key-less instrument from the Renaissance with a brass-like mouthpiece, making a sound reminiscent of the sound you got as a kid when you buzzed in the end of a cardboard tube - and the ancient Aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo. These delicately modulated instruments add color and excitement to an already colorful aggregation of characters. Experience the music of Jack Walrath. It is...well....an experience.

Jack Walrath - trumpet; Miles Griffith - vocals; Bill Bickford - guitar; Hill Green - bass; Cecil Brooks III - drums; Art Baron - didgeridoo, serpent; Dwayne Dolphin - electric piccolo bass; Dean Bowman - Omen

Tracks: Rats and Moles; Da Thrill of Vasectomy Da Agony of Da Feet; If Anya Goes to Edinburgh; Freedom; Reptilian Phantasies; Quiero ser Tú Cerdo; In Heaven; Dreamtrack; Just Another Romanian Reggae


 Reptilian Phantasies

 Just Another Romanian Reggae

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