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Savant CD 2086
Jim Snidero

Prose laureate Whitney Balliett coined the phrase "the sound of surprise" as an encomium for jazz. Like most of his peers, saxophonist Jim Snidero shoots regularly for this ideal and his first recording for Savant certainly hits the bullís eye. A graduate of the University of North Texas's legendary jazz program and an alumnus of such A-list ensembles as the Toshiko Akiyoshi Big Band, the Mel Lewis Orchestra, and the small combos of Jack McDuff and Eddie Palmieri, saxophonist and composer Snidero is no newcomer. He spins out wonderfully clean, inventive lines. His transparent sound and rapid execution evoke the early Art Pepper, as well as one of Snideroís own teachersñPhil Woods. He never resorts to aimless scribbling, even at the quickest tempos, while his ballad interpretations are filled with exquisitely oblique lines. So listen to the "sound of surprise" ñ listen to Jim Snidero!

"It has taken a century for jazz to develop this classic, post-modern genre. In the hands of players like Jim Snidero, it is a thing of beauty." - PETER WESTBROOK, Jazzreview.com

Jim Snidero- alto saxophone; Mike LeDonne- organ; Paul Bollenback- guitar; Tony Reedus- drums.

Tracks: Tippiní; Letís Be Frank; Young Like; The More I See You; Lover Man Oh Where Can You Be?; You Stepped Out of a Dream; K2; Alone Together; Fried Oysters.


 Let's Be Frank

 The More I See You

 You Stepped Out Of a Dream

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