JJ Malone

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Fedora FCD 5003
JJ Malone
Highway 99

J.J. Malone, born in Alabama in 1935 and raised near Nashville, tutored by his father in the basics, J.J. has lived the blues. J.J. has experienced the blues first-hand in a myriad number of forms and has taken them and forged them into a unique and recognizable style. J.J. Malone is the real thing!

J.J. Malone- guitar/vocals; Bobby Logan- tenor saxophone; Clarence Walker- guitar; Jeff Levine- piano/organ; Jeff Henry- bass; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Black Nights; Daddy Rolling Stone; Highway 99; Biscuit Bakin' Woman; Sail On; Killing Floor; Old Fashioned Blues; They Call It the Crawl; Long Way from San Antone; Mary Anne; Automobile Blues; Sittin' Here Thinkin'.

 Daddy Rolling Stone

 Biscuit Bakin' Woman

 Sittin' Here Thinkin'

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