John Hicks

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HighNote HCD 7046
John Hicks
Impressions of Mary Lou

John Hicks possesses a very unique talent as a pianist, and that is the ability to assimilate the essence of other players and merge it with his own creativity and come up with a sound that is totally his own, yet reminiscent of the other player. He exhibited this talent on his previous HighNote recordings "Something to Live For" and "Nightwind" and he does so once again on his latest. This time John pays tribute to the under-appreciated Mary Lou Williams, whose music is only today being recognized as some of the most forward looking music of its time.

John Hick- piano; Dwayne Dolphin- bass; Cecil Brooks III- drums

Tracks: Lord have Mercy; Ballad for Mary Lou; O.W.; Old Time Spiritual; Mary Lou's Interlude; Medi II; Not Just Your Blues; Intermission; Not Too Straight; Two For You; "Aries" from The Zodiac Suite; The Lord Says.

 Lord Have Mercy From "Music For Peace"


 Medi II

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