John Coltrane

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HighNote CD 7189
The John Coltrane Songbook

The Composer Collection Volume 2

The second offering in HighNote's Composer Collection is something of a rarity. John Coltrane's stylistic evolution in the 1950s and 60s was a signal cultural event--as much spiritual and political as technical--and one whose repercussions continue to haunt us. There have been innumerable tributes to Coltrane the player but this anthology may be the first multi-artist tribute to Coltrane the composer, featuring compositions primarily from his early years written around the time of his fruitful collaborations with Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk and before his immersion in the theories of Nicholas Slominsky. Here Coltrane's genius is refracted through performances by HighNote and Savant artists Arthur Blythe, Larry Coryell, Frank Morgan, Mike LeDonne, Vincent Herring, Billy Hart, David 'Fathead' Newman and Carlos Garnett. Coltrane left jazz much too soon. In a society still rife with the same problems which concerned him as a composer, we should look not just to celebrate his unquestionable virtuosity but to learn from the man's inner-voice which found its ultimate expression in his written music.

Tracks: Cousin Mary; Like Sonny; Impressions; After the Rain; Straight Street; Moment's Notice; Equinox; Up Against the Wall; Naima; Giant Steps

 Cousin Mary


Straight Street

Giant Steps

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