Homesick James

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Fedora FCD 5033
Homesick James
My Home Ain't Here- The New Orleans Session

Nearly 60 years after his recording debut, 94 year-old Homesick James entered a venerable New Orleans studio and plugged his trustworthy Epiphone guitar into his Marshall amp. What was captured that April morning was unbridled intensity, reflective songwriting and the kind of musical skill that was thought to be lost to the impossibly distant past. Homesick stands shoulder to shoulder with the giants of the electric guitar and the legends of the blues alike. On this recording he once again reminds the world what the blues is really about.

Homesick James- guitar/vocals; John Long- guitar; Chris Millar- drums

Tracks: Please Set a Date; Crossroads; Come On Back; Little & Low; Gotta Move; Evil Minded People; You Don't Have To Go; Lay It On Me; Sweet & Kind Lovin' Music; Got No Time.

 Please Set a Date


 You Don't Have To Go

 Got No Time

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