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HighNote CD 7140
Freddy Cole
This Love Of Mine

Freddy Cole just might be the most attractively understated jazz singer currently at work. Having long since passed the point of differentiating himself from his brother, Nat, even as vocal similarities between them remain in force, he rarely raises his voice and rarely pushes the beat. Instead, he lays back, gathers the words and music up in his natural warmth and creates the illusion of letting them speak for themselves. For this, his second recording on the HighNote label, Freddy has invited his friends and fellow-HighNote artists David Newman and Eric Alexander to provide the obbligatos on a handful of tracks and they give an additional dimension to Freddy's already multi-faceted music-making. From the choice of repertoire, to the selection of guest artists and Freddy's impeccable musical integrity, this jazz-vocal record will certainly land on the short list of the year's best.

With Appearances by David ’Fathead’ Newman and Eric Alexander

Tracks: What Now My Love?; I Was Wrong; Still; This Love of Mine; The Continental; But For Now; That Old Feeling; Out in the Cold Again; You and I; The South Side of Chicago

 What Now My Love?

 The Continental

 That Old Feeling

 On the South Side Of Chicago

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