Denise Donatelli

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Savant SCD 2109
Denise Donatelli
When Lights Are Low

"Denise Donatelli. A dark, enchanting voice, an intuitive ability to tell a musical story, and ineffable rhythmic drive. All the qualities one looks for in a fine jazz vocalist." — Don Heckman, International Review of Music

The problem with jazz singing is that almost no two listeners can agree on exactly what it is. Fans of unbridled scatting tend to dismiss vocalists with a more lyrical side; listeners who who enjoy lyrical storytelling have less regard for performers who use the words as vehicles for ostentatious display. This makes the singing of Denise Donatelli particularly remarkable, since her style is able to employ the positive aspects of those two camps. The first thing you notice is the rich timbre of Donatelli's voice, which has the clarity and flexibility to sing almost any imaginable genre from pop/blues to operatic aria. With musical direction, arrangements and keyboard contributions by Geoffrey Keezer and the participation of musicians such as Ingrid Jensen, Hamilton Price, Peter Sprague and others, Denise Donatelli here shows herself to be a jazz singer who belongs in the upper echelon of modern jazz vocalists. Her performance, along with the accompaniment from an ensemble of first-call players makes this a first-rate recording.

Denise Donatelli, vocals; Musical Direction by Geoffrey Keezer

Tracks: It's You or No One; Don't Explain; When Lights are Low; Big Lie, Small World; Why Did I Choose You?; I Wish I Were in Love Again; Kisses (Cantor da Noite); Forward, Like So; The Telephone Song; The Bed I Made; Enchantment (Firm Roots)

 It's You or No One

 When Lights Are Low

 I Wish I Were in Love Again

 The Bed I Made

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