Dena DeRose

HighNote HCD 7279
Dena DeRose

It's hard to believe that, after a 20-year recording career, anyone in the jazz world still might need an introduction to Dena and her music. But just in case, the simplest introduction will be the best one: Dena is one of the most accomplished, creative, and delightful singer-pianists on today's jazz scene. DeRose swings hard, delivers a ballad with great emotional nuance, plays substantive piano and also writes savvy arrangements and smart original songs. Addressing repertoire both familiar and obscure, DeRose brings a conversational ease to her vocal phrasing, finding a satisfying balance of off-the-cuff invention and focused storytelling. Here on her second HighNote recording, Dena is back with her regular trio of Martin Wind and Matt Wilson along with guest artists guitarist Peter Bernstein and the trumpet of Ingrid Jensen. Together they have made an album of unbridled spontaneity and impeccable taste.

DENA DeROSE, vocals, piano • Peter Bernstein, guitar • Ingrid Jensen, trumpet • Martin Wind, bass • Matt Wilson, drums

TRACKS: United • Only the Lonely • Clockwise • So Far Away • I'm Glad There Is You • Simple Song of Love • Peace • Sunny • Not You Again


 I'm Glad There is You


 Not You Again

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