Charlie Ventura

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HighNote CD 7082
Charlie Ventura
Live At the Three Deuces Vol. 2

Here are some more examples of the magic music that happened one night on 52nd Street when a handful of musicians from a variety of backgrounds got together. These recordings, made in the field by jazz-lover Jerry Newman, capture the ebullient tenor of Charlie Ventura and the tasteful trombone of Bill Harris in an all-too-infrequent small band setting. The band swings hard from start to finish, propelled by an ace rhythm section featuring the irrepressible Davey Tough on drums. Take a trip in the HighNote time machine back to that fateful night in 1947 where some of the top New York players got together for some great off-the-cuff jazz. Superb notes by jazz scholar Loren Schoenberg provide fascinating background information and a listener's guide to each track.

Tracks: Eleven-Sixty; All of Me; The Man I Love; The Happy Monster; Dark Eyes; Broadway

 Eleven Sixty

 All of Me

 The Man I Love

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