Caesar Frazier


Savant SCD 2171
Caesar Frazier
Closer to the Truth

Caesar Frazier is a true Keeper of the B-3 Grail, assuming the mantle of the great organists such as Jimmy Smith, Jacky Davis and Brother Jack McDuff and building upon their legacy to become one of today’s finest exponents of the instrument. From his years with Lou Donaldson through the time he spent touring with Marvin Gaye, Frazier developed his own unique soulful style not just as an instrumentalist but as a composer as well. His new recording on Savant features the organist in a quartet setting with a hand-picked group of the West Coast’s busiest jazzerspielers. Original tunes from Frazier’s oeuvre rub elbows with jazz standards such as Nat Adderley’s "Jive Samba" and Benny Golson’s classic "Blues March." A great Savant debut from an undisputed master of the Hammond B-3; one certainly worthy of carrying on the grand tradition of the instrument.

CAESAR FRAZIER, Hammond B-3 Organ • Lyle Link, tenor saxophone • Jacques Lesure, guitar • Leon Joyce, Jr., drums

Special Guests: Randy Brecker, flugelhorn • Craig Handy, saxophone • Conrad Herwig, trombone • Andrea Brachfeld, flute • Dan Carillo, guitar

TRACKS: Let's Get Started • Jive Samba • Blues March • You Don't Know What Love Is • Codes • King of Leonne • 1-2-3 • Jive Samba Reprise • Soul Shadows • Lullaby of Birdland • That’s All

 King of Leonne


 Soul Shadows

 Lullaby of Birdland

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