Cecil Brooks III

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Savant SCD 2039
Cecil Brooks III
Live at Sweet Basil Vol. 2

Cecil Brooks III's time has come. On the strength of his three records for Savant, two of which were recorded in the heat of live performance, he is to be admitted into the exclusive drummer/leader/composer club whose members include Art Blakey, Max Roach, Shelley Manne and Tony Williams. As a follow-up to the immensely popular "Live at Sweet Basil - Volume One" (SCD 2034) Cecil has selected another set of tunes from those memorable nights at the lamented New York jazz Mecca, Sweet Basil. With tenor sax man Don Braden and trumpeter Riley Mullins, the band rips and roars through eight charts while a live audience spurs them on, registering their approval at every one of the many bursts of inspiration.

w/Don Braden - tenor sax; Riley Mullins - trumpet; John Hicks - piano; Dwayne Dolphin - bass

Tracks: Swamp Run; Sweet Summer Breeze; Dreamy; The Voice of the Saxophone; Spontaneous Percussion; Prelude to Yvette - Yvette; Hill District

Swamp Run

The Voice of the Saxophone


Hill District

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