Cecil Brooks III

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Savant SCD 2034
Cecil Brooks III
Live at Sweet Basil

Some cats just seem to fall out of bed swinging, full of fire and forever seeking those flames. Call them the good groove merchants, and make sure you include Cecil Brooks III in this exclusive coterie. One thing you can always count on when Cecil Brooks sits down to the drums, regardless of the context, the music will snap, crackle, pop, and most of all...it'll swing! The five extended selections on this record are an apt reflection of this agreeable intersection of an ebullient leader, a collection of skillful players, and comfort of place. Featuring John Hicks, perhaps the hardest-hitiing pianist in jazz today (and one of the busiest), Don Braden, questionably one of the most underestimated tenor players of our time and others, Cecil puts the band through their paces before a full house at New York's famed jazz venue, Sweet Basil.

Cecil BrooksIII- drums & leader; Don Braden-tenor saxophone; Riley Mullins- trumpet; John Hicks- piano; Dwayne Dolphin- bass.

Tracks: Bounce; Mood Swing; Chelsea Bridge; But Beautiful; Vamp for Cho.


 Mood Swings

 But Beautiful

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