Bill Heid

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Savant CD 2041
Bill Heid
Da Girl

Bill Heid has come along again with a much-needed dose of the real thing right on the heels of a New York Times article extolling the 'rebirth' of the B-3. Emerging from the Don Patterson/Larry Young school of playing, Bill has succeeded in developing a totally unique sound for the Hammond, successfully transposing the hard-bop licks, once thought the exclusive property horn players to the organ. There's hope, passion and harsh reality in Bill Heid's music. That's because it comes from the true source and contains no artificial ingredients.

with Scott "E Dog" Petersen, Joe Magnarelli, Randy Gelespie

Tracks: Soldiering On, Da Girl, Peach Cobbler, Sneaky Waltz, Blues for Margie, Good Clean Fun, Spirit of Newark, Eatin' and Boppin'.

 Soldiering On

 Da Girl

 Peach Cobbler

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