Bill Heid

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Savant CD 2033
Bill Heid
Dark Secrets

Jazz history contains a long list of great jazzspielers who are technically proficient and pleasing to the ear. The list of those artists who truly changed the technique and sound of their chosen instrument is a much shorter list indeed. Pee Wee Russell comes to mind; Coltrane, of course; and while his name may not be quite as widely known as the aforementioned, Bill Heid must be placed in their company. Emerging from the Don Paterson/Larry Young school of playing, Bill has succeeded in developing a new sound for the Hammond keyboard, successfully transposing the hard-bop licks, once thought the exclusive property of horn players, to the organ. Dark Secrets is a hard-driving, take-no-prisoners session in Bill's favorite medium: the organ quartet. Long-time friends and colleagues Scott 'E-Dog' Peterson on tenor, Joe Magnarelli on trumpet and Randy Gelespie on drums join Bill for what will surely be one of the hottest organ records of the year.

Bill Heid- Hammond organ; Scott "E-Dog" Peterson- tenor & soprano saxophone; Randy Gelespie- drums; George Jones- conga

Tracks: Little Langley; Orange Chair Tango; Dombei; Sneaky Soul; That Dirty Thang; Wang!; I Can Be Nice; Dark Secrets; Boppin' and Eatin'.

 Little Langley


 Sneaky Soul

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