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Savant SCD 2088
Bob DeVos
Playing For Keeps

Guitarist Bob DeVos morphs the classic jazz-organ combo ideology into a grooving and airy sequence of events, ably assisted by the tenor sax of Eric Alexander who performs on four tracks. DeVos interleaves fluid chops with a potpourri of up-tempo vibes, fused into a few burners where he trades zinging fours with Alexander and organist Dan Kostelnik. The guitaristís meticulously designed phrasings generate a capacious sound as Kostelnik comps and renders sleek B-3 lines while Alexander darts in-between and around them in his confident manner. Throughout, DeVos uses depth, space and gusto as vehicles for casting a rich musical climate, superbly inhabited by Messrs. Kostelnik, Johns, and Alexander.

"Bob DeVos has remained steadfast in the essential elements of his style: melodic clarity, logical solo construction, assured confidence, a ringing tone and an irresistible groove on his guitar." - Don Williamson

Bob DeVos- guitar; featuring Eric Alexander- tenor saxophone; Dan Kostelnik- Hammond B-3; Steve Johns- drums.

Tracks: And So It Goes; Ask Me Now; Blues on the Corner; Body and Soul; Freedom Jazz Dance; Naima; Pause for Fredís Claws; Speech Without Words; So In Love; Wes Is More.

 And So It Goes

 Pause For Fred's Claws

 Blues On the Corner

 Wes Is More

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