Arthur Blythe

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Savant SCD 2024
Arthur Blythe
Spirits In The Field

It is a difficult tightrope to walk when producing art that is 'of the moment' yet acknowledges its past. Only a certain type of artist can concoct the perfect blend -- modern, yet non-alienating, traditional, yet not anachronistic. Such an artist is Arthur Blythe. Cut from the same cloth as Earl Bostic, Lou Donaldson and Hank Crawford, Blythe was cited by JAZZTIMES Magazine as "the magic figure of reconciliation, the force for consensus, that modern jazz has been looking for in vain since the death of John Coltrane in 1967." For his Savant debut Arthur offers a live gig performed at the famed Amsterdam jazz Mecca, the Bim Huis. Joining him is drummer/producer Cecil Brooks III and the wildly imaginative Bob Stewart on tuba. The unlikely trio produces a wide variety of tone colors and textures and swings out mightily. Featuring tunes by Don Pullen, Bob Stewart and Arthur himself, this exuberant record will attract a great deal of attention from press and radio alike.

Arthur Blythe- saxophone; Bob Stewart- tuba; Cecil Brooks III- drums/p>

Tracks: One Mint Julip; Miss Nancy; Odessa; Rambler; Spirits In The Field; Lenox Avenue Breakdown; Ah George, We Hardly Knew You; Break Tune #2.

 One Mint Julip

 Ah George, We Hardly Knew You

 Break Tune #2

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